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Customised toy box packaging

Grab the attention of kids with customized toy box packaging


The use of custom packaging is quite widespread. Even toys are packed in custom toy packaging boxes because manufacturers want to use them. They can customise the toy boxes according to the size of their toys. Other benefits are also there due to which toy sellers are comfortable with this packaging option. We have simplified all the steps to customise toy boxes for the ease of toys seller. 


1: Custom toy boxes for packaging 

You need to understand that the toy industry is also growing. People who are associated with this business look for a simple packaging solution. When custom packaging changed the concept of business persons about packaging, custom toy box packaging took its place. Now, every toy company packs its toys in these boxes.

The benefits of custom toy packaging attract the brands who sell toys. When they get everything from a single toy box, they don't have to spend that much on stock toy packaging boxes. They can order these boxes in accordance with the dimensions of their toys. It helps them build their brand image and sell the maximum number of toys.

2: Printed toy boxes to attract kid's attention

As a toy brand, your primary targets are kids and they can be easily targeted. Toys are those products kids love to buy. You display toys of different types on a display so that customers can reach them. Kids often visit malls and retail stores with their family members. When they see your range of toys packed, colourful custom toy boxes, you know what next would happen.

They would ask their parents to buy those toys for them. You simply have to make your custom toy boxes a bit colourful. Add some punchy colours along with the images of toys. Let's say it's a car, print its image in a unique colour combination. Even this little customisation can become really handy. Other than this, you can print the favorite characters of kids. It can be Spider man or batman, do some research and see what the favourite TV series which kids like. Print something related to that TV series to grab the attention of kids. So, such tiny customisation here and there helps you a lot in promoting your product range. 

3: Plastic toy boxes for lightweight toys 

Kids and even their parents who buy toys would prefer a lightweight toy box. Every brand keeps the weight of its packaging in their mind. They want to facilitate their customers, so the importance of the packaging box is something they cannot compromise. When we talk about toys, you can use plastic made toy boxes for packing them. 

Now, the plastic made toy boxes may not sound ideal, but they have their benefits. You are concerned with the weight of toy boxes, and no material can come close to the weight of plastic packaging material. Paper made boxes cannot be used in this example, so you are only left with the plastic material option. So, to minimise the weight of toy boxes, you can use plastic material for manufacturing them. 


4: Special Lego toy boxes 

Lego toys are very common among young age kids. They learn about the different things by playing with these toys. Therefore, parents buy such toys for their kid's learning. You can target these customers by using dedicated Lego toy box packaging.

The customisation of these toy boxes seems very simple. You just have to cut the toy box according to the size of these toys. Rest, you can add the printed logo of your toy brand or a colourful image of the product.